Classic/Collector Auto Insurance

Classic/Collector auto insurance is available for vehicles, which have been rebuilt or maintained in show quality condition, and are not used for commuting to and from works, running errands, hauling, or for general transportation.

There are carriers that offer Classic Coverage to allow the occasional commute to work, but the premiums will be higher than most other carriers.

There are several advantages of insuring your vehicle on a Classic/Collector policy, over your daily driver auto policy.

  1. The Biggest Advantage – You insure the vehicle for Agreed Value, there’s no depreciation over time. You know at all times what you could recover if the unfortunate should happen and your vehicle is a total loss.
  2. You can’t drive more than one vehicle at a time – You will only pay liability premiums for a single vehicle regardless of the number of autos on your policy.
  3. In the event of a loss – Most carriers have a $0 deductible for comprehensive and collision. So if damages occur from a covered loss, your classic/collector vehicle, the company pays 100% of the repairs. If your vehicle does not qualify for the $0 deductible, most deductibles are usually low.
  4. Coverage Benefits – Most carriers will include (at minimal or no cost) roadside assistance, flatbed towing, spare part coverage, and trip interruption coverages in the event of a loss or breakdown.

For more details, or to get a policy review and quotes, please contact either:

Tana Williamson

Auto, Property, and Classic Auto Agent

Wade Williams

Auto, Property, and Classic Auto Agent