• How can we reduce the cost to insure my teenage driver?

    Great question! Here are a few ways to help make auto insurance more affordable for a newer driver:

    • Look for discounts – Good Student Discounts, Group Discounts, Multi-Car Discounts, Multi-Policy Discounts are just a few ways to reduce the rates for your younger driver. Ask your agent for additional information.
    • Stress responsibility – young drivers can help control their own insurance rates by following the rules of the road. By knowing the DMV Handbook, avoiding tickets and accidents, practicing good driving habits, and taking the responsibility of driving seriously, they can minimize surcharges that remain on their driving record for no less than three years. Avoiding distractions while driving is highly recommended.
    • Be practical – the more valuable the vehicle, the more likely the rates will be increased. Contact your insurance agency for a tentative quote BEFORE you commit to a vehicle purchase, so you know what insurance expense will be.
    • Have the teenage driver participate in the cost of their insurance – we have found most teenage drivers respect the cost of their insurance more when they at least share in the expense to be included on the family auto insurance policy. This allows them to understand how their driving habits do reflect on the expense.
    • Choose the right insurance carrier- seek out a company that will assign your teenage driver to the vehicle they actually drive the most. Many companies will assign the teenage driver to the most expensive vehicle to insure.
  • Do I have automatic coverage for the car I just bought over the holiday weekend?

    Not necessarily. If all of your owned vehicles are already listed on your auto insurance policy, most carriers (BUT NOT ALL) will extend those benefits toward your newly acquired vehicle until the next business day. However, if you do not have Comprehensive and/or Collision Coverage on your current policy on any vehicle, that coverage cannot be listed on your new vehicle. We suggest a call to your local agent in advance for details BEFORE you commit to a vehicle purchase. Be certain how your carrier handles this issue before you buy the car.

  • What is ‘FULL COVERAGE’?

    The term ‘FULL COVERAGE’ means something different to everyone. There is truly no such thing as ‘FULL COVERAGE’. Each insurance carrier offers options to allow maximum benefits, and the more options you choose, the less likely you will have out of pocket expenses at time of a loss. Always review with your agent to ensure you have the coverage you desire.

  • Should I go to Traffic School for the ticket I just received?

    Absolutely! If you are eligible to attend traffic school to have a violation removed from your DMV driving record, do so. If you choose not to attend traffic school, and you get involved in a minor fender bender within the next three years, you will probably lose eligibility for your 20% Good Driver Discount. In addition, your policy will likely be surcharged for that violation.

  • Will I be covered if I drive a vehicle registered to someone else?

    Many auto insurance carriers have limitations, exclusions, or restrictions for these occasions. For instance, if you own a vehicle with a maximum value of $5000.00, many carriers will not pay any more than that for any vehicle you damage while driving. If you happen to be driving a $20,000.00 vehicle, this could create a problem. We suggest you check with the owner of the vehicle you will be driving to be certain you are covered under his/her auto insurance benefits. In addition, you should check with your local agent to ensure how your coverage will extend.

  • What do the numbers mean on the Coverage Page of my policy?

    If you aren’t certain what these numbers mean, ask your agent for an appointment to review your policy! The limit of coverage on your policy are for your protection. It is important you know how your coverage applies to you. We strongly suggest you call your local agent right away to review your policy.