Liability Insurance = Protecting Your Assets!

When deciding what liability limits to choose for ANY type of insurance, you basically have two options: 1) get what is required, or 2) get what is needed.

Policy holders must understand there is no such thing as FULL COVERAGE. While there are several optional benefits available to minimize your inconvenience and/or out of pocket expenses, your insurance coverage and limits should be directly related to your loss potential in the event of lawsuit. Policy holders at Williamson Insurance Agency can rely on a Professional Insurance Specialist to help you decide what limit of protection is best for you.

If you own a home, business, property, or have retirement funds, stocks, or any other valuable asset, we urge you to select a high limit of protection for Liability and Bodily Injury. It would be a shame to pay for insurance, only to learn AFTER an incident the protection you have is not adequate, leaving your assets at risk. You may wish to consider a Personal Umbrella Policy, which affordably extends your liability protection by an additional $1,000,000 (or more).

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